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Test And Tag Services for Brisbane

Speedy Electrical is proud to provide test and tagging services to businesses throughout Brisbane. Our well-trained, professional staff will make sure that your business complies with State and Federal Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Acts and Electrical Safety Acts.

What is “Test and Tag?”

When electrical equipment is used as part of regular business proceedings, there is a chance for electrical shock and other injuries. Testing and Tagging involves the process of regularly inspecting this electrical equipment to determine what the risk of injury is.

Documentation of the equipment test is then held via a tag that is affixed directly to the equipment. The tag contains the date the equipment was last tested, the date of the next test or re-test, and the name of our company so that those who are using the equipment know it has been tested by a electrical contractor in Brisbane.

Why You Need Test and Tagging

No matter what type of business you run, if you use electrical equipment, you are liable for the safety of those on site. Your equipment must be checked on a regular basis. Regular testing and tagging of electrical equipment gives you and your employees peace of mind, knowing that you are operating on equipment that is the least likely to lead to injury.

With regular inspection, we can immediately make you aware of any risk of malfunction. This can be due to missing or malfunctioning pieces, or can be due to a hazardous environment. Many business owners do not realise that electrical equipment must be shielded from certain environmental factors. Dust, moisture, heat, the use of chemicals, and even excessive vibration can lead to electrical malfunctions.

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